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The benefits of using locally sourced ingredients

Using locally sourced ingredients is one of the reasons our wood-fired pizzas taste so good. By buying from local farmers and producers, we not only get fresher and more nutritious toppings, but we also help the local economy grow and reduce the damage our pizzeria does to the environment.

A photo of a girl picking fresh greens from a row in a farm field.

We´ve found that locally sourced ingredients usually have the advantage of being fresher and higher quality than imported ingredients. That helps make our pizzas more delicious and stand out from the rest. Locally sourced ingredients also help reduce our costs a bit since they´re not shipped halfway around the world.

By using locally sourced ingredients, we will also benefit from establishing lasting relationships with local farmers and producers. We hope that working closely with them will ensure you get the highest quality ingredients on your pizza. It also gives us the chance to know more about the products we use when preparing our pizzas and, from time to time, allows us to create exciting new pizzas that highlight fresh local flavors.

We're helping to create a stronger local economy by supporting local farmers and producers. We reduce the fuel required to transport our ingredients and our pizzeria's carbon footprint by sourcing local ingredients. By buying locally, you can also support farmers and help preserve farmland, increase biodiversity, and maintain a sustainable food system.

Photo of a stack of different veggies at a local farmers market.
Photo by Mark Stebnicki at Pexels

One of the reasons our pizzas are so delicious is precisely because we use locally sourced ingredients.That way, when you order one of our pizzas, you're not just getting a scrumptious, crispy, wood-fired pizza, but you can also take pride in being part of a stronger local community. We recommend that if you need to stock up on ingredients to make pizza at home some time, you visit the local farmer's market to find out what they have available.

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