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Our mobile brick oven allows us to make fresh, wood-fired pizza right in front of your eyes.

Balsamo's pizzas are made in a wood fired brick oven
Balsamo's Pizzeria logo

Coming Soon!!

Balsamo's Pizzeria offers catering solutions to customers

Three ways to order


Visit our truck

Order right from the window, give us your name and we´ll holler when your pizza is ready.


Give us a call

Call us at (703) 861-9052. Give us your name, what time you´ll arrive for pick-up and what type of pizza you want and we´ll have your order ready when you arrive.


Download App

Join us as a member on the Wix app, it´s FREE! Access our menu, choose your pizza & toppings and pay right in the app. We´ll have your pizza ready ASAP.

Review our catering menus

Check out our new truck

Back view
Three quarter back view from the passenger side
Driver´s side view of Balsamo's pizza truck
The inside of our pizza truck
Our mobile pizzeria brick oven
Passenger´s side view
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